Baby Powder

Using baby powder as a sand remover is a beach day game changer. The first time I used baby powder for sand removal, I was impressed because of the magic of sand just sliding off my skin. It was so easy. No cold wet showers. My skin was still warmed from the sun BUT my skin was pasty white and I no longer smelled like the beach. I smelled like a clean squishy baby bottom; not a bad smell but not the beach vibe I was going for. I was just at the beach and I am never in a hurry for the ocean breeze and suntan oil fragrance to fade away.

Some baby powders contain an ingredient called talc. If you haven’t heard of talc powder being linked to cancer do a quick search online. Talc is an ingredient in a lot of things including make-up AND even some medicines! My heartburn medicine had it!

I was curious to find a sand remover OTHER than baby powder. I saw the posts online for cornstarch baby powder but I personally don’t like the feel of cornstarch. It reminds me of crushed up chalk. Soon, more news articles about Johnson and Johnson, this time the headlines are about talc baby powder having asbestos.

I just don’t understand how people continually TRUST large companies who KNOW they are producing a product that harms people.

Kitchen Mixer

I started combining powder ingredients I already had in MY KITCHEN – CLEAN products I already use. I bottled them up and hit the beach. After friends and family voted on their favorite blend, Beach Behind was born.

We have had many users who have used baby powder for sand removal say that Beach Behind works better than cornstarch baby powder. Another plus for Beach Behind, you will use LESS Beach Behind for sand removal; a little goes a long way.

Family Owned & CLEAN Ingredients

We are a family owned and operated company. We use clean ingredients. One of our ingredients (arrow root) is actually a food grade quality ingredient. We have even eaten our product! It definitely does not taste good but it is safe that you could eat it! The other ingredient is bentonite clay – which is safe to ingest in small doses. Please don’t eat Beach Behind – that’s not the point. The point is our product is safe: family friendly, reef safe, gluten free, corn free, talc free and environmentally friendly.

This summer support family business & clean ingredients! Give Beach Behind a try!

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