Behind the scenes of Beach Behind…

Growing up at the beaches of California, I love the Beach. Sand in my car doesn’t bother me. What a blessing to have been to the beach! My San Diego born and raised husband, is not a fan of the sand. God’s sense of humor… opposites attract!

My husband, David, works for the Department of Defense and we were able to move to Charleston, South Carolina for 2 years. While we were there, we made amazing friends! One of our close friends was just as much a beach bum as us… BUT she was not a huge fan of the sand in her fancy car. So she lined up her kids to put baby powder on them to get the sand off. It worked pretty good! I was impressed BUT … baby powder/ talc powder has been in the news for being a carcinogen (cancer causing).  Her tanned kids were covered in white powder and standing in a white dust cloud and smelled like babies not the beach!

I thought there had to be a better way to get sand off! Yes, water but what about a sand remover. Everything I found was talc related. So, I turned my kitchen into a research lab! I was mixing everything – bottling it and taking it to the beach. After many beach trips in the name of research! (wink wink) We discovered Beach Behind!

I remember that day when everyone came back saying they loved bottle #8. The blend was perfected. Now what?

Patent. That cost money. Make it and bottle it. That cost money. We live in San Diego on one income. We don’t have money. We have a mortgage that’s 80% of our income! We took Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey enough to know that our income is our best strategy… so David worked overtime… then something on the house would need that money.

I asked my dad to be an investor since he was looking for a company to invest in… hey, why not me! I got the speech… the one that says, ” I can’t be investing in some pipe dream at this age of my life. ” Heart sunk. Wow. Scraped my heart up from under his shoe and kept moving. I was confident that this was what we were supposed to do. Hind sight – such a blessing to NOT work with my dad. Better for our independence to make decisions.

One day, in frustration at our finances, I stared at the 3X5 card on my microwave that said, “God Guides, God Provides.” Hum, God is not providing, He must not want us to be here in this house anymore. We had been trying to minimize even more costs by getting rid of our mortgage insurance. The banks were so pleasant to deal with… (sarcasm pretty thick here).

I contacted a long time friend and real estate agent to help us appraise our house to get our mortgage insurance off… but by the time she left, David and I were on board to sell our house! The market was hot. It’s San Diego. BUT where are we going to live? Again, it’s San Diego! Rent is crazy expensive even for a 3 bedroom apartment. It would probably be the same as our mortgage payment! After praying over our wish list… which somehow had “RV” on the bottom of the list… we ended up scratching OFF every option except RV! Tiny living on HGTV might have influenced us a bit!

We have 3 young kids. They are small. We lived in a 2 bedroom house with ONE bathroom. We ARE tiny living already. We are hardly home anyways. We researched RV’s and saw that it was totally do-able! BUT… where are we going to run the business then?!

We had 2 days to figure this out. We were in escrow! A quick Craigslist search and I was on the phone with someone from my old Bible study… and wouldn’t you know it she had a deal fall through the day before for the place that was exactly what we needed! David went down to pay and paint the first day and move our office in the next day. We had 2 days – done!

Things kept moving steadily forward. We were confident we were on the right track. At the close of escrow, we were a family of 5 with no home. We had a reservation for an RV parking spot in a couple of weeks with no RV. Of course, down to the wire, we found a truck, a tow hitch and a 5th wheel trailer with the PERFECT floor plan for us! We even scored an extra bathroom for the kiddos! I get my “on-suite” bathroom and KING size bed. We are definitely not roughing it!

We sold the house. Paid off our debt. Now, we figured out a way to find the money to start Beach Behind. A lot of sacrifice for a product we believe in.