I freak out and almost panic if I realize that I don’t have a water bottle FULL of drinking water. Water is soooo important to life and health. My heart is wrecked when I see and hear about little kids drinking dirty, parasite infested water because that is all they have. It kills me to see mom’s in tears handing brown nasty water to their children to drink because their children are thirsty but that is all they have to give. Stuck in a place of choices: give them dirty water and hurt them or don’t give them water and watch them die.

In the United States we don’t think much about our water. We are good. In California, we experience fluctuating drought.  We can relate a little bit to water issues. Over all, we can just cruise to the store and buy some bottled water.

At Beach Behind, we are completely BEHIND groups that go in to ALL the World and GIVE WATER.  Our business is committed to giving 10% of all profit to providing fresh water through drilling water wells to areas in NEED.

At this time we have decided to support LIFEWATER since water provides life and we agree with their approach to providing water. We promise to continue to research and find even more water providing groups to support!

Click here Clean Water Approach – Lifewater to check out the the Clean Water Approach from Lifewater.