7 Reasons the Beach is Better than the Pool (an unbiased opinion)

Living in San Diego, California, you would think that everyone goes to the beach during the summer. Unfortunately, I have met quite a few people that are “pool people” especially moms. If you lived by the beach would YOU rather go to the pool?  I have met way too many people who would rather go to the pool because they feel like they can keep track of their kids better AND they don’t like the sand. Let me just give you some “beach-suasion” (persuasion for beach) for taking the kids to the beach instead of the pool. A must read for MY FRIENDS.

1) SHOVEL – kids will dig, dig, dig their hearts out right in front of you. And get some physical exercise too! Burn out that energy!

2) FRESH beach air – makes kids tired!

3) Friends at the beach build sand castles together and they help keep an eye out for each other. Plus you have mom friends lounging in the beach chair enjoying some much needed girl time while watching the kids.

4) Bring lots of snacks… what kid wonders away from snacks?!

5) SUNSHINE is GOOD for everyone! (Sun shines best at the beach – not the pool… yes a biased opinion!)

6) Tommy Bahama umbrella. Seriously changed our beach life! You can stay so much longer when you have a place to take a break from the sun plus the kids know which umbrella is yours and can easily spot yours.

7)  Beach Behind – Makes sand a non-issue. No sand in your food (unless you drop it), no sand in your snack bag/ ice chest, and no sand in your car. You can really leave the Beach Behind with Beach Behind!

Kids love Beach Behind and use it every chance they get. Adults love that it is easy and safe to use. Make your beach days even better: Bring Beach Behind – it’s a game changer.