I can’t believe how personal I am about to get with y’all. Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman? It breaks down the way people “receive love” and “give love.” Spoiler alert: I am going to list them! They are Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Physical Touch, and my favorite – Quality Time. In God’s humor, He matches me with someone who loves gifts which is my least valued.

My number one is Quality Time because time is super valuable and when people spend it on me, I feel incredibly loved. I tend to value Quality in general. You do get what you pay for, however you do not have to over pay! That is tragic and sad because buyer’s remorse is a very REAL thing.

Full Price Jeans

Growing up my dad ruined me for paying full price on a pair of jeans. He asked one simple question. “How many hours do you have to work to pay for those jeans?”


This is how I became the bargain shopper that I am. I watch prices and wait for sales. Yes, very old skool but when you have 3 kids and live in San Diego, you learn to WAIT for sales or go without. We don’t have credit cards – that’s another blog for another time.

My point

When creating Beach Behind Sand Remover, I made sure to use the best quality ingredients. I also priced it where I would make a profit BUT also priced it at a price that I WOULD pay for it.

I had the chance to use lower quality ingredients for a cheaper wholesale price BUT I wanted to make sure I went with the best quality. Why? Because I am super-ultra-cautious. Kind of ridiculous when you think about where the powders are really going…like on your feet… but really, it’s your SKIN! Skin is your largest organ and it absorbs everything.

SKIN Absorbs EVERYthing

When I hear people using baby powder for removing beach sand, my mind goes back in time to when I had my first child. One of the first things I learned about diapering a baby was to NOT use baby powder because talc powder can cause cancer. Now, Johnson and Johnson are regularly the news for lawsuits pertaining to their longtime knowledge of talc as a carcinogen AND how they have known for a longtime that their product has contained asbestos!

Do you see WHY I care about quality? Well first, I care about people. People are the MOST VALUABLE thing in this world.  So – I CARE about what I sell to people.


People Care About…

We care about each other. We care about our Earth. We care about our Oceans, Rivers, and WATER in general. We care about the animals living on our planet – on land and in the water.

That’s why we, Beach Behind, make sure our product is environmentally friendly, reef safe, and kid safe (youngest kids should be supervised). Beach Behind is mom approved.