When Beach Behind was just a wee little glimmer in our eyes, we owned a home in San Diego but we are an adventurous family so it was pretty exciting to think of selling our home to finance our business idea without debt.  But where do you live after you sell? We had two pages of ideas… and the LAST idea on our list: Buy an RV.  After praying and a few weeks of scratching off the potential future home ideas, that LAST idea was the only one left on the list.

The “For Sale” sign turned in to a “Sold” sign in 4 weeks and we were homeless (living in hotels) until we found our future home on wheels. The search was long – looking for the perfect trailer for our family of 5. No house is ever perfect no matter how much money you have but as long as you have your “must haves” – mine was a washer dryer on board (hello laundry!) and the kids have their own bunkhouse with bathroom! Bonus is a KING size bed for my 6’4” husband.

San Diego Living

Living in San Diego is pretty expensive so living in a paid off RV was a creative way to save money and have an asset to sell when we are all finished with this lifestyle. Yes,  we are still living in an RV after almost 3 years! Sacrifice.

Sacrifice seems crazy to people who don’t keep their eyes on the reason they are doing the sacrifice in the first place. For example, a few times I think to myself, “ I want a house like she has. I want a normal job like so-and-so has.” During those times of discontentment, whining, complaining,  and wanting what others want, I become miserable to myself and everyone around me.  My wrong focus makes  the sacrifice choice we have prayed over and are confident we are doing the right thing for our family feel wrong.

Business Sacrifice

Business owners sacrifice a lot. We sacrifice time, money, sleep, patience, and comforts. I am so much more empathetic when I meet business owners. It will be worth the sacrifice and it is worth the sacrifice. Living in a close space has created a close family. We are building amazing memories and adventures. Why not?

Let’s go on an adventure! First Flat tire of 3 in one month.