Dude! Thanks for checking out Beach Behind! I am Marla Deck, raised in Cali and a total beach girl. My husband, David – well, he was born and raised in San Diego and HATES the sand! What?! He loves Star Wars and can identify DEEPLY with Anakin Skywalker and his loathe for sand and how it gets EVERYWHERE! Of course I am the opposite: I think sand in the car is evidence of an epic beach day!

I am a mom to 3 rad kids that love playing in the sand and getting sand everywhere and in their hair! We go on a lot of beach play dates. One playdate I saw my good friend Amy dusting her tanned kids off with pasty white baby powder. I was like, “Um, what are you doing?” She then informed me that she uses baby powder to remove the beach sand so they don’t get sand in her car.

What in the world? Was she hiding that she went to the beach from her husband or something? Apparently sand in the car is an issue but I was NOT about to let her powder her kids with baby power! Talc powder is super bad for you and has been in the news as cancer causing. You can do a quick google search and do your own research.

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Be careful what your skin absorbs!

I wanted to buy my friend a sand remover. There had to be a better solution than baby powder! I couldn’t find one! So, I invented one!

I combined some great, all natural, non-toxic, gluten free powders and tested them at the beach. I had a bunch of numbered bottles and had people tell me their favorites number… after finding the perfect mixture – Beach Behind was born! Named by my husband… but I wanted to name it! Waaaaahhh…

I got to thinking… um I love the way suntan oils smell … I thought… hum… let’s scent some! Viola! I added some fragrance oils that are safe for skin so you can smell like Coconut suntan oil and Surfwax. Surfwax scent reminds me of my youth, laying out on the beach and smelling surfwax warming in the sun; a sweet melon scent. We have more fragrances on the way… hint – my favorite fruit influences our next beachie scents. My favorite fruit is the symbol of hospitality in Hawaii…. Wink wink.

I know you can substitute talc powder for cornstarch powder. Let me tell you…Beach Behind powder is soooooo much softer. It feels soooo good. Also a little Beach Behind goes a long way AND it doesn’t leave your skin pasty white – our powder is a tan color.

Try us! You’ll like us… if you don’t… tell us! We guarantee our product! YES – in this day and age – I feel like no one stands behind their stuff! I had a super irritating phone call with a mobile phone carrier and decided right then I am going to stand behind Beach Behind!

We hope we make your beach days and lake days a lot better!