Sand Remover

Frequently Asked Questions! FAQ's

What is Beach Behind sand remover?

Beach Behind is a mixture of powders that magically remove pesky sand! Our formula is patent pending – because it is that cool! See the ingredients question for more!


Why not just use baby powder?

Your body’s largest organ is your SKIN! Be careful what you put ON it!

Traditional baby powder is made of talc powder, which has been extensively in the news for it’s harmful side effects and is believed to cause cancer. You can do a quick search online for yourself.

Newer baby powders offer cornstarch ingredients which is a thin, bright white powder and leaves your skin pasty white.

We are providing an all-natural solution to baby powder using top quality ingredients. Plus Beach Behind offers an alternative to smelling like a baby! You can smell BEACHIE all day and night!


Why not just use water?

Sand sticks to wetness and water. You can rinse off the sand with water… but how are you going to dry? With that sandy towel?!? Then you are back to square one: sandy!


What are your ingredients?

We use bentonite clay (an amazing product – too many cool things to list!) and arrow root starch (gluten free cooking ingredient) as a base for all our sand removers.

We add beachie scented fragrance oils that are safe for skin and hair.


How do you use Beach Behind sand remover?

Our bottles have a lid with holes on top. When you twist open the cap, it releases our magical powder. Shake on some Beach Behind sand remover to sandy areas. Then wipe off! Simple. Easy. Fabulous. No applicator to get wet. Remember, wetness makes sand stick.

Works best on damp and dry sand. If you are too wet, just add more sand! Then apply…a little Beach Behind goes a long way!


When do you use Beach Behind sand remover?

Keep the sand out of your car by applying Beach Behind just before getting in!

My favorite time to use Beach Behind Sand Remover is just before eating a snack while still hanging out at the beach. I HATE sand in my food so I de-sand with Unscented.

Keep the sand out of your plumbing (you don’t want to clog water pipes with sand!).

Don’t waste water with using public showers.

Don’t wait in line for the shower.

Remove sand when you want, where you want! You don’t have to go looking for showers! Plus you don’t have to park near showers anymore! Park where you want… it’s probably less crowded that way too!

Time to re-apply sunscreen? Remove that scratchy sand first with Beach Behind sand remover.

How many uses per bottle?

A little goes a long way! You can get about 50 uses per bottle… unless you have my son who likes to cover himself in it!

Made in California.

Options for Sand Removal

Options for Sand Removal:

  1. Scratch off with a beach towel.
  2. You could use someone’s hose in their yard on the way to your car.
  3. Stand in long line at the beach showers that are probably nowhere near you!
  4. Baby powder yourself  – soooo not good for you and embarrasing too!
  5. BEST OPTION: Beach Behind Sand Remover!

A sun-kissed beach day comes to an end.  Time to leave the beach but it’s hard to leave the beach behind – literally! Take US with YOU and let’s leave the BEACH BEHIND! ™

Beach Behind sand remover is a powder product – a patent pending blend of all natural ingredients – that easily removes sand and leaves your skin smooth and dry. Beach Behind sand remover is the easiest way to remove sand.

Just shake on sandy parts and gently wipe off. No applicator needed. No water.  It magically gets sand off! My son says, “It’s better than a shower!”

Our “beach-ie” Beach Behind scents are skin and hair safe. Each scent will remind you that you went to the beach today. You soaked in some sunshine. Played in the waves. But there is no evidence of sand! Only a beach scent lingers to remind you of good times.

Our sand remover even gets sand out of your hair. All kids like to roll around in the sand! Covering themselves and their hair in sand! Don’t stress…shake Beach Behind IN and get the sand OUT!

Beach Behind sand remover is as essential to your beach bag as sunscreen and sunglasses! Beach Behind sand remover makes going to the beach better! Grab some Beach Behind so you can leave the Beach Behind! ™


Use Beach Behind sand remover (unscented) on your sandy hands before eating! Enjoy your food without the gritty sand crunch.

Try Beach Behind as a dry shampoo!

Sprinkle some beach behind on your feet then hit the street. Can be used in other places sand can sneak!

Ready to try Beach Behind?