Going to the beach is our inventor’s favorite thing to do but watching precious drinking water go down the drain at a beach shower gets under her skin.  

WATER is an important resource. So why are we wasting water to rinse off our sandy skin? Water is the reason sand sticks to your body in the first place! Drying off with a sandy towel? How is that a good idea? 


Beach Behind was created out of a NEED to do BETTER.  We need to be aware of the valuable resources we use! We can use Beach Behind to remove sand instead of water OR at least reduce the amount of water wasted.

Some people have compared us to talc powder and baby powder.  We are going to DO BETTER and BE BETTER. We make sure the ingredients in our product are environmentally friendly AND people friendly.

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Be careful what your skin absorbs!

If you want to DO BETTER too, take Beach Behind sand remover to the beach. Let us help you make a difference to conserve our precious resources.