Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ in to the future! Lyrics to an old Steve Miller Band song encapsulates just how I feel lately! Geeze! Wake up early, stay up late, sleep – wait let’s call it a midnight nap, and repeat. Long days fly by so fast it’s surreal and eye opening. How do we know what to do? Everything needs 100% of you 100% of the time. So should I just end here and say…let’s just go to the beach!?! Nah, but I could. Forget it all and hit the beach! But… we are women who are not just satisfied by endless summers…. Or should we be?

Women are amazing. We are able to manage and handle a TON but really… is it worth it? At the end of the day, wait, at the end of our lives really – is it worth it? Let’s encourage our selves to NOT do it all, let some things set, don’t force things that would probably take double the time to do when we are exhausted anyways! I am NOT saying be a lazy chick, eating ice cream and praying for God to make you skinny!

Do It All?

Here is what I am suggesting: allow yourself to do it all, just not ALL at the same time. Enjoy each phase of womanhood. Be a rad mom, a hot-momma wifey, a fun friend to your friends and to yourself. When you are in each phase – be in that moment. Just remember you can phase many times a day. We are versatile.

Take a second or 60 to sit and watch the wind blow through the trees, breathe in the scent of leaves warmed by the sunshine and notice the ants cruising through the yard. I like to hit the beach with friends, run our Beach Behind sand remover business, homeschool our kids, wake up my husband at 3 am… in each moment be you – nobody else but you.


God made you the best version of you. When you try to be someone you are not – it is so hard! As women, we do compare and try to be like other women. I am not a “typical” girlie girl… but what is a “typical” girl anyways!