Did you know Beach Behind is owned and ran by some pretty hard core women?  I, Marla – beach girl, am the President of Beach Behind Inc. I have managed to hire the best people for what I need and they just happen to be super talented women! I learned that I needed them the hard way of course.

Knowledge is Power

It is completely possible to know a TON of things instantly; knowledge at your fingertips= smart phone. Why do we still call it a phone by the way? No one REALLY uses it as a phone right! Voicemail is so 1990’s! Let’s just call them “hand held social media devices” that sometimes conduct google searches to intellectualize us. Wow that was an instant tangent – just add coffee!

So, back on point. We CAN know a ton of things quickly but do you want to be a jack of all trades and master of none? My Aunt is super good at a ton of things but she even realizes the value of being a master at something. I am so thankful for her because she is vulnerable with me to share the areas in her life where she would have done things a little differently. Good thing for me, I am willing to learn from wiser people than me, which doesn’t always necessarily define these people to be older than me. For instance, my pastor, he is younger than me and is super encouraging Biblically.

I Don’t Know Marketing

I know just enough about marketing to KNOW I don’t know enough! So, I hired an amazing marketing person (Cassie Ford Creative – Shout out) who gets my style and represents our company the way I want to… but can’t and really don’t want to! I am loving her posts! (comment below some of your favorite posts she has done so far! Mine is the jet ski boomerang video! And the beach behind foot drawing…. and… and… and!)

Lesson Learned… The Hard Way

I learned this “let people do their jobs” lesson the way hard way! I love our website BUT something had to be fixed and it SEEMED simple enough… BUT NOPE! Apparently I knew just enough to screw up the website and it was down for almost 2 weeks! YIKES! My website girl (Martha at Modern Design Media – shout out to her rad-ness) would have fixed this issue in minutes but I had to just get my grubby little hands dirty-errrrr. I learned my lesson.

Now, I let the people do their jobs, trust their knowledge, the process and hire the best people with the best integrity because I know they represent me, my business and my values.